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Health and Medical Search Sites

Medline Publication Search (National Library of Medicine)
PubMed and Internet Grateful Med access
Access database of more than 8.8 million references to articles published in 3,800 biomedical journals.

Search engine with updated abstracts from 18 online medical journals. Also provides links to the 18 journals. Try searching on "nutrition", "herbal", or other areas of interest.

Medical World Search

Health On The Net

PR Newswire - Healthcare/Biotech


Online Resources

Nutrient Information Statements (Am. Society for Nutritional Sciences)
Information on 40 nutrients, including food sources, diet recommendations,
deficiencies, toxicity, clinical uses, recent research and references.

NAPRALERT – NAtural PRoducts Alert
University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy (database producer)
312-996-2246, 312-996-7107 fax
Bibliographic information and factual data on natural products, including pharmacology, biological activity, taxonomic distribution, ethno-medicine, chemistry of plant, microbial and animal (including marine) extracts, and CAS Registry numbers for many chemical constituents.

Nutritional and Metabolic Disease Reviews for Primary Care Providers

VERIS Research Information Service
A not-for-profit corporation providing health professionals and researchers responsible information and research data on the role of nutrition in health, with an emphasis on vitamin E, carotenoids, and other antioxidants. Publishes a newsletter and responds to questions.

Scientific Literature and Nutritional Medicine Research
[online fee charged]
Access over 3,000 pages of nutritional research drawn from leading medical journals. "Nutritional Influences on Illness" by Melvyn R. Werbach, M.D., provides consumers, health practitioners, researchers and other professionals a source for information on how diet and nutrients affect specific health conditions. Book and CD ROM versions also available for purchase.

Medical Herbalism
Provides links to medical information and to resources relevant to medicinal herbs or herbalism practiced in a clinical setting, regardless of the medical tradition. Site by Medical Herbalism, a quarterly journal of clinical herbalism.

The American College for Advancement in Medicine
A non-profit medical society for educating physicians on emerging procedures and findings in alternative and preventive nutritional medicine.

Naturopathic Medicine Network
Promotes public awareness about Naturopathic Medicine and supports Natural Health Care. Cooperates with other health professions and integrates Naturopathic Medicine related information and references.

Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults
Published by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, this report includes evidence-based and clinical guidelines covering who is at risk, what treatments are effective, assessment, risk status, patient motivation, evaluation, treatment, goals, and strategies.

AHA Step I and Step II Diets
The American Heart Association and the National Cholesterol Education Program recommend the Step I and Step II diets for the treatment of high blood cholesterol, or hypercholesterolemia . The primary aim of this dietary therapy is to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, which causes heart attack. The diets help patients decrease their intakes of saturated fat and cholesterol and restore appropriate calorie balance. At the same time, they promote good nutrition. The Step I Diet is to be carried out in the medical setting for those patients who have not reduced their fat and cholesterol intake prior to treatment. The Step II Diet further reduced saturated fat and cholesterol. Also, those patients whose cholesterol level is in the high risk range (240 mg/dL and higher) or who have had a heart attack, should be encouraged to immediately adopt the Step II diet.


Book Resources

Botanical Safety Handbook
Contains more than 600 commonly sold herbs. A thorough listing and classification of herbs sold in the United States. Provides accurate data on the safe use, dosage, and toxicity of herbal products, with specific information relevant to health conditions and pregnancy. Appendix includes technical information on important chemical constituents.

To order, contact the American Herbal Products Association, 8484 Georgia Ave., Suite 370, Silver Springs, Md. 20910 (301-588-1171 or fax 301-588-1174 or ). $39.95 plus $5.00 shipping last time we checked.

The German Commission E Monographs in English - Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines
A comprehensive English translation of the German government’s monographs on herbal medicine. The 380 monographs, 150 indications, and other information is a good resource for health care professionals. This may be the most accurate information available on the safety and efficacy or herbs and phytomedicines. Includes uses and indications of approved herbs, dosage, mode of administration and action, clinical data, composition, pharmacological properties, toxicology, contraindications, side effects cross-referenced by body system and ailment, interactions with drugs and other substances

To order, send a check to American Botanical Council, P.O. Box 144345, Austin, Texas 78714-4345 or visit, or e-mail, or phone 800-373-7105. Out of the continental U.S., call 512/926-4900 (Visa and Mastercard only). $189.00 plus shipping last time we checked. Order #B181W.

Popular Herbs in the U.S. Market: Therapeutic Monographs
Covers 26 common herbs, describing their therapeutic benefits, safety, potential side effects, appropriate dosage, international regulatory status and active elements. Information is drawn from the German government’s "Commission E Monographs" and from the "British Herbal Compendium," a publication of the British Herbal Medicine Association, and the European Union’s "European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy (ESCOP) Monographs". To order, call the American Botanical Council at 512-331-8868 or voice-activated hot line at 800-373-7105 for credit card orders.

USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC)
Publications list for professionals and individuals with extensive background in nutrition or related health field who are seeking information, original research, and/or an in-depth review of the topic. Bibliographies reviewed by experts and professionals in their field.

Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease

Nutrition and Cancer

Nutrition During Pregnancy

Weight Control and Obesity

Food Composition


Software Resources

Here are a few programs developed specifically for health care professionals. Healthmax does not endorse or recommend specific software.

Healthlink Online Resources (Software)
Purchase the Dr.’s Guide to Vitamins and Supplements which is based on recognized scientific studies and the Practitioners Herbal Pharmacopoeia which includes over 500 monographs. These and other software programs can be downloaded or purchased on CD. The last time we checked, the $79 subscription for 12 months included these programs plus access to online databases based on objective evidence.

Healthnotes Online
CD ROM for professionals. View their online demo at:

Integrative Medical Arts Group
View their IBIS medical software for professionals at:

Food and Nutrition Information Center, USDA
Provides a searchable database of commercial software programs for food and nutrition.


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