Welcome to the HealthMax Wellness Program section. HealthMax is committed to wellness education and to teach healthy behavior to individuals from a variety of settings. The rapid expansion of the Internet as an educational tool provides a user-friendly environment where you can learn about wellness concepts and begin a transformation to a healthier you. HealthMax will focus on wellness and guide you in your quest for a healthy life style. You will find a host of information about most illnesses that people suffer from and what can you do to gain a maximum state of health and to stay at that level. Topics to be covered will include:

  • Weight Management
  • Diabetes Management
  • Nicotine Management
  • Stress Management
  • Arthritis Management
  • Osteoporosis Management
  • Injury Management
    These topics will include an online patient interactive seminar. You can learn at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. Many other topics are in development and will be steadily added to the library. Opportunities will be available for questions to our Advisory Board. Please let us know the topics that you would like to see on line. We also encourage and welcome your feedback regarding any of the products or services we recommend. Our advisory board has taken great care to recommend only those products and services we feel are the best of the best. We recognize that individual use varies, and what works for most, may not work for all. With this in mind, we want the online patient to have the ability to give us comments about our healthcare products and services, both positive and constructive comments are encouraged.

    Many people are choosing to learn over the Internet. Ethical medical care can be exchanged in this "cyber-medicine" format. Like calling the doctor in the middle of the night, information can be exchanged without the laying-on of hands. HealthMax provides educational recommendations to its users. We recommend and promote having a regular healthcare provider, who is a partner with you in your health. HealthMax has a growing network of healthcare providers and you can find information about them in our provider section of the website. Our website does not intend to take the place of a skilled health care provider. HealthMax is an extra "tool" in the doctor's bag to be used to help educate patients when appropriate. None of us possesses the entire spectrum of healthcare information available. The pooled knowledge of skilled practitioners allows HealthMax to bring information and various treatment options to patients across this land. The meaning of "doctor" is "teacher". A doctor can teach patients in many ways. We offer our online wellness programs as an option for those who learn best within this context. We also provide live teaching seminars in various parts of the country. The "What's Up Doc" section of our website has the latest information concerning the HealthMax website as well as "hot topic" medical information.

    HealthMax will remain clearly on the ethical high road and will always recommend that an individual seek the personal care of a medical provider of their choice. We promote and support the efforts to improve access to care for all Americans. We feel that each of us should have the assurance that a healthcare provider who knows us is available when needed. The American Association of Patients and Providers is making great strides in abolishing barriers to health care access. HealthMax supports the efforts of the AAPP by providing yet another point of entry to the healthcare arena by making medical information readily available. AAPP provides a cost effective choice for those patients who seek our services. HealthMax wellness programs offer alternatives for patients to choose in many areas. We recognize that each of us is unique, and desires control and choice. HealthMax provides you with information and knowledge enabling you to make informed choices regarding your healthcare and where your healthcare dollars are spent.

    THE HealthMax NETWORK
    A doctor is a source of referral information for his or her patients. HealthMax has attracted many respected physicians and allied health providers to represent a cross section of the healthcare arena. Our Medical Advisory Board functions to provide references and suggestions that will help patients with the bio-psycho-social problems using the power of the Internet. Recognizing the broad diversity of patients, our advisory board is also diverse in makeup. Drawing from many disciplines and offering a buffet of services, the online "patient" can explore options recommended and choose that which best fits their particular situation.

    HealthMax Medical Wellness Programs constitute a library of those topics that currently are the most devastating to our population. They are the illnesses that cost our country the greatest amount of money to treat and account for the most morbidity and mortality. We chose to develop the first programs in order to achieve the greatest national impact in the shortest amount of time. Others will be added regularly. Within each interactive program a free introduction to the section will provide the user with an overview of the particular wellness program. Each Online program will be divided into sections or lessons much like chapters in a book. Each lesson can be "unlocked" for reading and downloading if necessary. This format gives you control over healthcare spending and lets you learn at your own pace. Components of each lesson include:

    Information Referrals:
    Recommendations and hot-links to more detailed information about specific topics.

    Product Referrals:
    Links to product choices that are pertinent to the information being presented.

    Provider Referrals:
    Referrals to providers in and out of the HealthMax network .

    Support Services:
    Reference to support services and agencies.

    Frequently asked questions.

    Feedback Forum:
    E-mail links for questions or suggestions.

    On-Line Chat:
    An on-line chat forum with our healthcare providers.

    As additional providers become associated with HealthMax, more services, products and programs will be added. We encourage you to send us your thoughts, your frustrations, your compliments or complaints. Health is our greatest commodity. Access to healthcare and health information is our greatest barrier. Information and knowledge in the hands and heads of patients gives them the power to change their destiny

    HealthMax is dedicated to improving the health of the population, one patient at a time, by providing an avenue for empowerment. Just for the health of it!

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    Consult your health care professional for all medical advice. The content provided in this website is for personal education purposes only. The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. See full disclaimer.

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